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Food Parcel Distribution​

Food parcels are made and given to recipients in need every month according to the funds designated for this specific purpose. The emphasis is on providing food that is not harmful and unhealthy.


Items in the food parcels do not contain food that are GMO and sugar and related items that are high in sugar are not included. A parcel consists of staple foods (combination of non gmo maize, spaghetti, pasta), tea, and toiletries.

A parcel provides sufficient food,  proper hygiene and quality nutrition for one person for one month.

The content for the parcels are bought in bulk to get maximum value for the funds used. Parcels are them made and handed to each recipient personally.


It is imperative that the parcels reach the intended recipients and therefore the additional hard work to deliver the parcel to the recipients personally.


This project also enables people and companies to be very target specific regarding their donations and to be personally involved in the making and or delivery of the parcels. There is thus 100% transparency and feedback for donors to monitor and establish that their donation has been used exactly as they purposed it for.

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