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Giving your time

Put your name on our volunteer list and get notified of projects and a wide range of community outreach work that you can choose to help with when and where it suits you - all on a 100% voluntary basis.

Donating money

A monthly contribution (Debit Order) of a mere R100 directly to the CUDDLE Trust account, can help feed a family; supply a child with stationary for a school year or go towards upgrading preschools in a township.

Bank account details to make debit order to are:

Bank: First National Bank

Account name: CUDDLE Trust

Account type: Cheque account

Branch: Woodbridge

Branch Code: 205609

Account Number: 62501149547

Donating goods

Clothes / Toys / Food / Stationery / Crèche equipment / 2nd hand stuff that can still be put to good use (Carpets, Curtains, Furniture, etc) are all welcome!

Let us know what you would like to donate and where you are and we could possibly collect!

Support a Child

Have a look at this donation catalogue if you would like to donate something specific to someone in need!

Get in contact with us and we will make sure your funds go to the specific donation you request! 

​Why donate to the CUDDLE Trust?

  • A Registered Trust (Trust Deed & Trustees) - IT022008/2014(T)

  • A Non-Profit Organization - 151-771-NPO

  • A Public Benefit Organization - 930049758

  • 95% of all donations/contributions reaches the community intended (no admin costs and a 5% max operational cost component retained by the Trust to ensure long term sustainability of the projects.)

  • Donations can be target specific and thus measurable i.t.o. effectiveness.

  • Transparent feedback via hands-on involvement, reports, photos, social media.

  • Donations received are tax deductible because they go towards "public benefit activities".

  • Earn 5 or 25 points on your BBBEE Scorecard for SED (Social Economic Development).

  • Enhance company image through CSI (Corporate Social Investment).

  • Trustees are educated professionals providing strong governance & transparent reporting.

  • Volunteers are self-funded.

  • Project employees are from the local communities.

  • Sustainable projects in partnership with local government and communities

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